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Electrical Sensor Though not often considered an area that warrants much attention in relation to auto repair, the chassis, paint, and trim can be maintained to keep your auto looking great. Below you will find a wealth of informative maintenance articles related to the chassis, paint, and trim that keep your vehicle looking great.

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7 responses to “Auto Repair Chassis”

  1. jose viera says:

    quierro aprender hojalateria y pintura

  2. Fred G says:

    was hit by a drunk driver a few days ago
    damage is not as bad as it first looked
    on a chevy impala 2001
    center light panel
    left tail light
    trunk deck lid
    part of the left quarter panel
    and the bumper
    I bought a hydraulic ram kit to push the metal that’s bent back out on issue is never used one before
    any suggestions or links would be helpful

  3. Jon says:

    I have a 2005 honda odyssey van. LX i believe because it lacks most of the bells and whistles and electric stuff. the driver side sliding door is “stuck” shut. I’ve confirmed that the fuel door sensors aren’t blocking it from opening. I hear what sounds like some of the linkages or rods moving when i pull both the inside and outside door handles. The power locks sound/appear to be functioning. I”m convinced that 1 of the 2 latches on the door are just stuck or the cables that connect to them aren’t working properly. I’ve found no online video/article that explains how to remove the inside door lining WHEN THE DOOR IS IN A CLOSED POSITION, so i can’t access the inner workings of the door. I’ve even started dismantling the WORKING passenger side door just to use as a reference to possiblY drill a hole into the stuck door’s lining to access whichever cable is possibly malfunctioning but i really don’t want to drill/cut a hole in the inside lining of the stuck door with the “hope” of “maybe” being able to grab a cable to pull. any chance you may have run into this situation or have access to more advice than the internet? thank you for any help you can offer.

  4. Ronnie says:

    I have a 2002 Toyota Sequia and I replace the handle that opens the back hatch, no the cable broke and I can’t get the back hatch to open can you tell me how with messing anything up.


  5. Bill Thomas says:

    How can we maintain the paint of our trucks?

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