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Auto Repair Diagnostic Series
When attempting to repair your vehicle, the first step is often diagnosing and determining the cause of the problem. Below are a wealth of articles designed to help you determine the cause of a variety of auto repair problems.

Featured Automotive Diagnostic Articles

General Automotive Diagnostics
In this article, auto expert Mark Davidson explains his approach to diagnosing auto repair problems and walks through trouble codes, visual inspection, and more...

Troubleshooting Drivability Issues
In this article, Mark takes a look at some common issues and provides tips for getting to the root cause of the problem. From hard starts, to rough idling, to intermittent stalling, Mark will walk you through a variety of solutions for common auto problems.

Trouble Code Scanner
Using a Code Scanner

More Diagnostic Articles
Automotive Sensors

Automotive Warning Lights and Their Meanings
Battery, Starter, and Solenoid Troubleshooting
Brake System Basics
Check Engine Light
Clutch Slips
Common Automotive Noises
Common Leaks and Their Cause
Cruise Control System
Diagnosing Engine Knock, Ping, Rattle
Diagnosing Engine Overheating
Diagnosing Engine Overheating Part 2
Diagnose Engine Oil Light Stays On
Electronic Climate Control
Emission System Troubleshooting, Thermostatic Air Cleaner (TAC)
Emission Test Failed? Proper Diagnosis Techniques
Engine Consuming Oil - Smoke From Exhaust
Engine Is Backfiring
Engine Tapping Noises
Exhaust Noises - Excessive Levels
Fluid Levels, Automotive Leaks
Fuel Economy Issues
No Starting - Clicking Sound
No Starting - No Sound
No Starting - Normal Sound
Rear Window Defroster
Service Engine Soon Light Came On

Sqealing or Squeaking Sounds
Tailpipe Smoke
Thud or Thump Noises
Troubleshoot - A/C No Longer Blows Cold Air
Troubleshoot - Antilock Brake Light Stays On After Engine Is Started
Troubleshoot - Bad Smell Coming From The A/C Vents
Troubleshoot - Battery Dies While Starting Car
Troubleshoot - Brakes Make A Grinding Noise When Applied
Troubleshoot - Brake Pedal Goes To Floor When Pressed
Troubleshoot - Brake Pedal Pulsates When Pressed
Troubleshoot - Burning Odor Coming From Under Hood
Troubleshoot - Burning Odor Coming From Under Hood Part 2
Troubleshoot - Car Pulls To One Side When I Step On The Brake
Troubleshoot - Electrical Fuses Frequently Blow
Troubleshoot - Engine Cranks Fast But Still Doesn't Start
Troubleshoot - Engine Cranks Slower Than Normal
Troubleshoot - Engine Hesitates While Accelerating
Troubleshoot - Engine Idles Poorly Or Misses
Troubleshoot - Engine Idles Too Fast
Troubleshoot - Engine Is Randomly Stalling (ie. Intermittently Stalling)
Troubleshoot - Engine Knocks or Pings During Acceleration
Troubleshoot - Engine Not Cranking
Troubleshoot - Engine Stalling When Stopping Or During Deceleration
Troubleshoot - Excessive Odor From Tailpipe (rotten egg smell)
Troubleshoot - Exhaust Fumes In Passenger Compartment
Troubleshoot - Front End Dips When I Step On The Brakes
Troubleshoot - Liquid On Floorboard Of My Car
Troubleshoot - Loud Squeal Heard When Turning Steering Wheel
Troubleshoot - Master Cylinder Is Low On Brake Fluid
Troubleshoot - My Brake Warning Light Came On
Troubleshoot - My Car Leaks Fluid But I Don't Know What Type Of Fluid
Troubleshoot - My Car Shakes At High Speeds
Troubleshoot - My Engine Is Losing Coolant
Troubleshoot - Parking Brake Won't Hold
Troubleshoot - Popping Sound When Making Tight Turns
Troubleshoot - Power Door Locks Don't Work Correctly
Troubleshoot - Power Door Locks Don't Work Correctly Part 2
Troubleshoot - Squealing Noise When Air Conditioning Is Turned On
Troubleshoot - Squeaking Noise When I Step On The Brake Pedal
Troubleshoot - Squeaking Or Squealing Noise From Wheel Area
Troubleshoot - Steering Feels Loose And Sloppy
Troubleshoot - Steering Feels Loose And Sloppy Part 2
Troubleshoot - The Air Bag Light Is On
Troubleshoot - The Battery Or Charge Light Came On
Troubleshoot - The Windshield Washing System Is Not Working
Troubleshoot - Tires Wearing Abnormally
Troubleshoot - Turn Signals Don't Work Properly
Troubleshoot - Turn Signals Don't Work Properly Part 2
Troubleshoot - Turn Signals Flash Too Slowly
Troubleshoot - Vehicle Pulls To One Side While Driving
Troubleshoot - Windshield Fogs Up

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