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Help out and our volunteer staff with your contribution of an article, opinion piece, or answer on our Auto Repair Message Boards. is a 100% free auto repair resource that provides great repair and diagnostic articles, as well as a wealth of auto repair related content all with a very minimal staff. Because of this we are always searching for great new authors, contributors, and "Wrench Heads" to lend more information to our auto repair community. So if you have an affinity for auto repair, or just know you way around under the hood, consider penning a piece and sending it along. We’ll happily give you credit for the article, and link your site in the body or head of the article if you like. Just get in touch and we can discuss all the details.

Send any submissions or questions to articles at auto-repair-help dot com

If you will be submitting a piece, please take the time to adhere to these guidines:

  • Grammar and Spell checked submissions are required.
  • Give your column a title. Be creative. Try to capture the essence of your article in just a few words. Clever titles always pull in more readers.
  • Submissions should be at least 300 words.
  • If you want, tell us about yourself. We will link your name in the byline to your email and can add an interesting anecdote about something that is relevant and related: (Fred Ford wears a tool belt all weekend and on weeknights is tuning and tweaking his Early Bronco Restoration.).. is actively seeking regular columnists. If you are interested in writing a regular auto repair related column on a daily, weekly, or even monthly basis, please drop a line and we can discuss the details.


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