Auto Repair Help


by Kyle McFadden

Before you jump a battery, Wear eye protection and remove any metal jewelry such as watch bands or bracelets that might make an unintended electrical contact.

1) Park the vehicles within booster cable reach, but without letting the vehicles touch. Set the parking brake on each vehicle and place the automatic transmission in park, manual transmission in neutral and turn the ignition off on both vehicles.Battery

2) Turn off all the accessories on each vehicle (heater, A/C, radio, etc.). Connect the red (positive) end of one end of the jumper/booster cable to the dead battery, and the other red (positive) end to the booster battery (good battery).

3) Connect the other negative (black) cable to the negative terminal of the good battery. Connect the other end of the same cable to the engine of the vehicle being jump started. It should be connected to a metal part of the engine away from rotating components.

4) Start the vehicle which has the booster battery (good battery). Let the engine idle for a few minutes, then start the engine in the vehicle with the discharged battery.

5) When removing the jumper cables, reverse the above sequence exactly. Use caution around rotating or hot engine components.

Never attempt to jump start a battery that is frozen. It could rupture, causing personal injury.

Battery fluid is a corrosive acid solution and can burn or even blind you. Do not allow the battery fluid to contact your skin, eyes or clothing. Do not lean over the battery when attaching the cables. If acid splashes in your eyes or skin, flush the are immediately with large amounts of water and obtain medical treatment as necessary.

Do not use a booster battery or other source that is greater than a 12 volt system, i.e. do not use a 24 volt power source.

Observe the battery precautions that are attached to the battery installed in each vehicle.

(Kyle has an affinity for Pale Ale and tooling on his 1956 Chevrolet Nomad Station Wagon.)

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