Auto Repair Help

By Carl O’Reilly

1. Always begin auto repairs on a cool engine to prevent burns.

2. Always wear eye protection when working underneath a vehicle or when using power tools.

3. DO NOT wear loose clothing or jewelry when working over an engine or troubleshooting an engine that is running.

4. Always set the parking brake, and block the tires to prevent the vehicle from rolling while working on it.

5. Always use jackstands to support a vehicle when working underneath it.

6. Keep a fire extinguisher in your shop area in case of emergency.

7. Never smoke when working on a vehicle.

8. Make sure the ignition key is in the “OFF” position when replacing any electronic components.

9. Never work on a running vehicle in an enclosed area.

10. Make sure there is proper ventilation or a hose exhaust system is connected to the tailpipe and routed outside of the immediate working area.

11. Keep your hands clear of the cooling system fan at all times. Even though the ignition key is turned off, the electric fan will still engage on many vehicles until the temperature of the coolant in the radiator has cooled down.

12. Never remove the radiator cap while the cooling system is hot. Always allow a couple of hours for the engine to cool before opening any part of the cooling system.

7 responses to “Garage Safety Tips”

  1. Bill Thomas says:

    Thank you for the tips. From now on, we’ll wear eye protection when working underneath the vehicle.

  2. Woodworth B says:

    A garage should be a safe environment to be working in. Respecting the general safety procedure should be the first rule imposed for the mechanics and on the mechanics. They should be in a safe place and they should keep themselves safe. And this article give examples of some rules that needs to be met to ensure the well-being and security of professionals.

  3. Good general list of tips, I’d like to add that it’s also best if you plan for and educate yourself to be able to perform the job at hand successfully rather than just winging it. If you are a do it yourselfer, YouTube is a good resource or take it to a competent local garage if you get in over your head.

  4. topgunccr says:

    Excellent garage safety tips for people to follow

  5. John Ferrell says:

    I like that you said that we should only do auto repairs on a cool engine. When I took my car into the shop to get the engine fixed, I had to wait for a while so the engine could cool. It might be a good idea to find a company that will take all of the safety precautions that are needed.

  6. BPI Auctions says:

    Nice tips, it always surprises me how many people work on their cars wearing loose clothing or jewelry.

  7. RCV says:

    Great safety tips Carl. I am still amazed by how people don’t let the engine cool down before starting work on it,

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