Auto Repair Help

by Jim Miller

Working in or around your vehicle can be hazardous. It is impossible to list all the possible dangers you may encounter while servicing, diagnosing, or repairing your vehicle. When you are unsure of a procedure you should consult the advice of a professional. Certain systems on the vehicle present particular dangers. The following is a guide that lists some of the potential dangers you may encounter. It by no means is a complete list.

You should always wear eye protection when working on or around an automobile. This is especialy true when working beneath the vehicle or while the engine is running.

Loose clothing and hair should be tied back during servicing to avoid entanglement in moving or rotating engine parts.

Jewelery should be removed when working on or around the vehicle. This is especialy true when working on the electrical system or near rotating components.

Certain parts of the engine and vehicle become extremely hot. Treat all components as if they were hot until you are sure of their temperature.

Modern fuel injected engines utilize a fuel system that is under constant pressure, even when the vehicle is off. Use caution when removing fuel system components.

The cooling system can be under pressure. Removing the radiator cap or other cooling system components while the engine is hot, can cause the coolant to spray causing severe burns.

Never rely soley on a jack to support the weight of the vehicle. Use jack stands to support the vehicle if servicing requires the vehicle to be jacked. Refer to the manufacturer instructions for jacking procedures. This is usually contained in your owners manual.

The air conditioning system is under extremely high pressures. Refrigerant can cause severe frostbite and burns if it comes in contact with your skin. Never remove any component of the air conditioning system without first removing the refrigerant in the system. This requires the use of special service equipment.

Brake fluid is corrosive and can cause burning or irritation to your skin and damage to your vehicles paint. Use caution when working around brake fluid.

(Jim is a lifelong fan of Dodger Baseball and used to race sprint cars in the 1980s.)

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  1. carma says:

    My husband drove my car a 2011 ford focus ses throughthe snow and mud and when he gotabout a block away from home and it lost the power to move its wheels and the next day i went out to test it and now my car goes over 80 mph when before it would bing at ya when you got to 75 mph do ya know what it could be

    Thank you


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