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Auto Expert John MoskoCar Will Not Start — Clicking Sounds
by John Mosko

General Description of Problem:
You turn the ignition key to the start position and the vehicle responds with afast paced clicking sound.

Probable Explanation:
The vehicle is either “dead” meaning the battery does not have enough charge to start the vehicle, or you have a bad connection at the terminals from a loose cable or build up of corrosion.

1. Wait a moment and try again. Though it is likely that the battery is significantly discharged, you may have just enough “juice” to start the car. When you do try again, be careful not to pump the gas too much or you may compound your problem by “Flooding” the car which will keep it from starting as well.

2. If you are unsuccessful in your attempts after a few tries, it is time to take a look under the hood. Take a look at the battery to see if you have corroded or loose cables and clean them or tighten accordingly. Once the terminals are clean and tight, try to start the car again.

3. If you are still unable to start the car, you will need to either charge the battery or obtain a “Jump” to get the vehicle started.

As always, anytime you start a vehicle from a “dead” or discharged battery, allow the vehicle to run a minimum of 20 minutes before turning it off so it can “recharge” the battery and eliminate the need for a boost the next time you start the car.

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