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Auto Expert John MoskoAuto Noise – Thumping or Thudding Wheel Sound
by John Mosko

General Description of Problem:
You hear a thud or a thump that comes from the wheel area and corresponds to the rotation of the wheels and tires.

Probable Explanation:
You likely have a bulge, bump, flat spot, or other issue with one of the tires on the vehicle.

1. Inspect the tires. Generally speaking, the thud or thump coming from the wheel area is usually indicative of a problem with one or more tires. Look over the tires for any discernable issues including bumps, bubbles, flat spots, or exposed steel wires. Tires can get these imperfections or issues due to wear over time, or they can also be caused by trauma such as hitting c chuck hole or curb and damaging the tire. If you find any noticeable damage, switch the wheel for your spare and have the tire replaced as soon as possible.

2. If your visual inspection does not net any results, you will need to lift the car up with a jack to inspect further or take the car to your mechanic. While up on the jack, you should be able to freely rotate the tires and scan them for flat spots or other issues you may not have been able to see while the car was on the ground.

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