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Common Noises Reference Chart

Sound Description Diagnosis
Clicking Light, sharp noise. Often related to vehicle speed Ofthe caused by a loose or bent fan blade or stuck valve lifter. May be indicative of low oil.
Clunking Thumping or thudding sound Can be attributed to a loos shock absorber of exhaust pipe. If thud is rhythmic and increases with speed, check tires for damage. If while shifting may be sign of bad motor mounts, bad CV or U joint, or low transmission fluid.
Knocking Rhythmic pounding Often indicates worn connection rod bearings or crankshaft. Possibly loose transmission torque converter
Pinging High pitched tapping or rattling sound Usually indicative of a problem with octane level in gasoline or a problem with automotive timing. Older cars can have timing adjusted while newer cars have timing controlled by on-board computer.
Screeching High pitched piercing metallic sound When driving is likely due to brake wear sensors indicating replacement necessary. When braking lightly it is usually a minor annoyance treated with anti noise paste. Under heavy braking usually indicative of needing new material brake pads.
Squealing Loud shrill, sharp, noise Loose or worn belts (alternator, fan, timing, power steering, or A/C) possible brake system issue (see Screeching).



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2 responses to “Noises Common Problems”

  1. M Reza says:

    I have Renault Duster AT 2010model. I changed crank shaft oil seal . after dat no1&no2 cylinder not working . i checked. Changed spark plug,injectors .still remaio.plz help

  2. Junaid says:

    Cheek the injector and spark plug and valav inlet

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