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Lance Wright – Auto Repair Help
Auto Repair Expert Lance WrightLance owned his own auto repair shop for 30 years before retiring in 2006 and is just one of the many auto repair experts found on Take a look at the links below to see all of the articles penned by Lance and to get some great auto repair and diagnostic advice.

Auto Repair and Diagnosis Articles

Auto Warning Lights Explained
Automotive Lighting
Brake Warning Light
Diagnose – Anti-Lock Brake Light Stays On After Engine Is Started
Diagnose – Brake Pedal Goes To The Floor When I Step On It
Diagnose – Brake Pedal Pulsates When I Step On It
Diagnose – Brake Warning Light Is On
Diagnose – Master Cylinder Low On Brake Fluid
Diagnose – My Car Is Leaking Fluid But I Don’t Know What Kind
Diagnose – My Tires Are Wearing Abnormally
Distributor Basics

Electronic Climate Control
Engine Backfires Mostly While Decelerating
Fuel Evaporative Control System (EVAP)
Fuel Injection Basics
Heater Blower Motor
Manual Transmission
Onboard Automotive Computer (EEC)
Rack and Pinion Steering System
Radiator and Coolant System
Smog Check Failure? How To Diagnose
Steering Hub
Tailpipe Smoke
The Check Engine Light
The Ignition Coil


















3 responses to “Wright”

  1. marc says:

    what to now how to take out ahead light on 2005 Nissan altima

  2. Curt Reep says:

    I have a93 4X4Chevy silverado I just put a transmission in it ,and noticed it was leaking I did not fix the problem and have been driving it. I’ve been putting fluid in it. The transmission started slipping and I then could only drive it in low gear 2ND . Tonight it just died while driving no power at all and all Gage’s are stuck where it stopped I was doing 38 mph it is stuck on Gage just like oill pressure battery gauge they all froze when it died no power to truck at all anyone know what the problem is could use some help thank you

  3. Karl says:

    My 2004 Pontiac Montana Gauges stopped working. Fuses are good. No trouble codes found. I am lost, any help would be great.

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