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Carl O’Reilly – Auto Repair Help
Auto Repair Expert Lance WrightCarl spent several years as the manager of a local auto repair shop and has also worked in automotive sales. He’s just one of the many automotive experts found on Take a look at the links below to see all of the articles penned by Carl and to get some great automotive tips and advice.

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Diagnose – Squealing Noise When A/C Is Turned On
Diagnose – Stinky Smell Coming From A/C Vents
Diagnose – The Battery Light Came On
Diagnose – The Turn Signals Flash Too Slow
Diagnose – Turn Signals Don’t Work
Diagnose – Windshield Washing System Not Working
General Garage Safety Tips
Talking to Your Mechanic


















2 responses to “Oreilley”

  1. Donald Duryea says:

    I have 2005 Pontiac Grand Am and I have intermittent power on 87 terminal on the fuel relay. Does the voltage come from the ECM.

  2. Hayden Smith says:

    Recently put switchback led turn signals in my 2008 F150 and also bought a flasher relay for leds. They come on and are working, but when i hit the right blinker it turns on hazards. It also causes dash lights and radio to flash. The left blinker works perfectly. There is a ticking in my fuse box but not sure if that is the problem. The item ticking is a little gray piece.

    Hayden smith

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