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Jim Miller – Auto Repair Help
Auto Repair Expert Lance WrightJim is a lifelong fan of Dodger Baseball and used to race sprint cars in the 1980s. He’s just one of the many auto repair experts found on Take a look at the links below to see all of the articles penned by Jim and to get some great auto repair and diagnostic advice.

Auto Repair and Diagnosis Articles
A/C Expansion Valve
A/C Orifice, Accumulator, Receiver Drier

Anti-Lock Brake Systems
Brake Shoes and Drums
Brake Proportioning Valve
Brake Rotors and Calipers
Brake Pads
Check Engine Light Came On

Checking and Filling your Fluids
CV Joints and Boots

Diagnose – Brakes Make A Grinding Noise When Applied
Diagnose – Car Pulls When I Step On The Brakes
Diagnose – Car Pulls To One Side While Driving
Diagnose – Car Vibrates At High Speeds
Diagnose – Emergency Brake Won’t Hold
Diagnose – Front End Dips When I Step On The Brakes
Diagnose – Loud Squeal When Steering Wheel Is Turned
Diagnose – I Hear A Squeaking Noise Whenever I Step On The Brake Pedal
Diagnose – Popping Sound When Making Tight Turns
Diagnose – The Steering Has Excessive Play And Feels Loos
Engine Burning Oil – Smoke From Exhaust
General Auto Repair Tips
Heater Core and Control Valve
Intake and Exhaust in the Engine
Mechanical Inspection of a Vehicle
The Parking Brake
Radiator Basics

Thermostat Basics

Waterpump Basics
Wheel Alignment


















3 responses to “Miller”

  1. Bill Thomas says:

    Jim, thank you for your auto repair advice. They help me a lot in my towing business. Thank you for your article about brakes. Learned so much!

  2. Donna Stalter says:

    I have a 2000 chevy pickup the blinkers work as long as you don’t hit the brakes. The brake lights also work fine. can you help

  3. Manuel Siaca says:

    Just bought 98 cavalier 5spd & was starting fine, suddenly i had to go to work, turned key & nothing, no click nothing. Could hear fuel pump kick in. Push started, got to work, turned off and back on, started right up. Also sometimes there’s a slight delay from turning key to firing up. Please help.

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