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By Carl O’Reilly

The turn signals flash too slow in one or both directions.

The usual cause of this symptom is a burnt out or incorrect bulb on the side that is malfunctioning. The turn signals use a flasher unit that acts as a repetitive circuit breaker. This unit makes then breaks the electrical circuit that turns on the turn signal bulbs. The cycle will continue as long as the directional switch is turned on. This unit relies on heat build up caused by electrical current flow to determine when to break the circuit. When the switch is initially turned on, electrical current flows through the flasher unit to the bulbs. When this occurs heat builds up in the flasher unit. When the heat reaches a predetermined temperature, a metal strip within the unit stretches due to the heat and breaks the electrical circuit turning the bulbs off. With the bulbs disconnected from the circuit, the flasher unit cools off. Once it has cooled, the metal strip re-contracts and re-closes the electrical circuit turning the bulbs back on. If one of the bulbs in the circuit is defective the flasher will take longer to heat up and break the electrical circuit. This can cause an abnormally slow flash rate.

Turn on the directionals on the side that is malfunctioning. Inspect each bulb to ensure it is functional.

You should always use a replacement bulb of the same part number as the one being replaced. Your owner’s manual will indicate the correct bulbs for each location on the vehicle. Using the incorrect bulb can create too slow or rapid turn signal operation. Manufacturers often use grease to repel water from the bulb sockets. Do not remove this grease from the bulb socket when replacing defective bulbs.

7 responses to “Diagnose The Turn Signals Flash Too Slow”

  1. Darvin Hamby says:

    I have painless 18 circuit wiring, led tail lights-turn signals and front bulbs. My flash rate is slow. It has heavy duty 552 flashers installed. Should I go to regular flashers,add resistors in rear circuits or go to electronic flashers? Are the flashers separated from side to side or front to back? Thanks Darvin Hamby

  2. G Ramirez says:

    Car: 98 honda civic ex

    Only the right turn signal started to flash slow today but the bulbs are still flashing, just slower of course. Help?

    Thanks in advance!!

  3. ray says:

    97 olds 88 royale slow left turn signal, all bulbs are working it just started blinking slow

    • Aaron D says:

      Hey, ready, I know this was years ago, but I have a 98 olds intrigue with the same issue. Did you figure yours out?

  4. Barry Schroeder says:

    why do my turn signals blink extremely slow after installing led’s on my 71 Monte? i tried an led flasher and it made no difference.

  5. Colby says:

    I have leds in turn signals&corner markers front & rear and brake light both sides are flashing slow I’ve installed LM487 relay to fix hyperflash but not extremely slow flash is accuring I drive a 2006 Chevrolet Silverado 2500HD 4wd diesel!leds in some
    Intiorer lights as well any help appreciated!

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