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By Carl O’Reilly

The turn signals do not flash or they may flash in only one position or one side may remain on constantly with the switch in the off position.

The turn signals use a flasher unit that acts as a repetitive circuit breaker. This unit makes then breaks the electrical circuit that turns on the turn signal bulbs. The cycle will continue as long as the directional switch is turned on. This unit relies on heat build up caused by electrical current flow to determine when to break the circuit. When the switch is initially turned on, electrical current flows through the flasher unit to the bulbs. When this occurs, heat builds up in the flasher unit. When the heat reaches a predetermined temperature, a metal strip within the unit stretches due to the heat and breaks the electrical circuit turning the bulbs off. With the bulbs disconnected from the circuit, the flasher unit cools off. Once it has cooled, the metal strip re-contracts and re-closes the electrical circuit turning the bulbs back on. The usual cause of inoperative turn signals is a defective bulb or flasher unit.

Prior to performing extensive diagnosis, check the vehicles fuses to ensure they are not blown. Some vehicles utilize two fuse boxes, one in the passenger compartment and another under the hood. Consult your owner’s manual for fuse box locations and fuse ratings. If the directionals only flash in one position and are off constantly in the other direction, the usual cause is a burnt-out bulb. When a bulb blows, the current flow in that side of the circuit will be reduced. The reduction in current flow prevents the flasher unit from reaching the needed temperature to switch the bulbs off. Turn the directionals in the position where they are inoperative and perform a visual inspection of the exterior bulbs. Replace any bulbs that are not lit. The flasher unit is used to switch the current on and off for both right and left directionals. If the turn signals are inoperative in both directions, a defective flasher unit or blown fuse is the usual cause. On most vehicles the flasher unit is located on the front or on the back side of the fuse box located in the passenger compartment. Some vehicles use a solid state flasher module that contains transistors and diodes. On these vehicles, you should consult a vehicle specific service manual for proper diagnosis.

You should always use a replacement bulb of the same part number as the one being replaced. Your owner’s manual will indicate the correct bulbs for each location on the vehicle. Using the incorrect bulb can create too slow or rapid turn signal operation. Manufacturers often use grease to repel water from the bulb sockets. Do not remove this grease from the bulb socket when replacing defective bulbs.

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209 responses to “Diagnose The Turn Signals Dont Work Or Dont Work Properly”

  1. Tony Z says:

    What if the bulb is good the switch was replaced and still no signal lights. What else could be the problem?

    • Anna says:

      I have the same question. Bulb is still good as well as fuse. But still no signal or rear break light

      • artie says:

        I have a 1995 ford f-150 have no brake lights in rear of truck but do have brake light on back of cab of truck, no turn signal lights and no emergency flashing lights, replaced turn signal switch and brake bulbs and fuses and turn signal fuses and do have tail lights, PLEASE help me with out?!!

        • Da-Sarge says:

          With the F150 check the two electrical connectors uner the bed of the truck back by the rear bumper one is round and the other is a square shape these like to carrode rendering the rear lights inoperable also tge tail light sockets can be unplugged from the harness (careful with the clips on eather side of the sockets they like to brake) the tail lights on the 90s and early 2000s (up to current for f250 and higher) they tend to get water in the lights that kills sockets these are the usual causes of the problems if you loose all rear lights check the harness by the chasis in the front drivers side wheel well for chafeing (can also cause rear light loss) very commen on the 1996-2003 F150 all cab and trim types and bed types these are the commin areas to look for failures hope this helps you out

          • John balthes says:

            I have a 97 dodge van.I replaced the flasher switch,changed the fuses as well as the flasher fuse and still have no blinkers and dosnt make the blinking sound anymore as well..Anyone have any idea what to check next?

          • ive got the same prob check all of that

    • Hi,turn signals don’t flash, replace bulbs and flasher.some time they flash fast and slow, then stop flashing all together, but they turn on. Can you help please.

      • Rob says:

        Larry, did you find a solution? My 97 F250 does this. Slow, then fast blinking, then stalls out for a few second, and right back to slow and fast.

    • Alex says:

      Hey guys my issue has me stumped. My blinkers don’t work nor do my break lights, unless the hazard switch is on. And even then they don’t flash the just stay lit when switch is turned on either side. I changed fuse checked grounds and changed relay. Found out the relay turns on but won’t turn off even if I don’t have keys in ignition. Now my radio won’t work and my interior lights don’t work all share a pink wire. I’m confused. HELP PLEASE

    • Jeannie carruth says:

      I have 95 dodge caravan .no rear passenger turn signal. Replaced bulb and scoket still noyhing.Switched with left works fine.What do I do next?

  2. wyatt mohring says:

    right turn signal flashes to fast

    • werwerwerwer says:

      that probably means either the front right or rear right bulbs is out

    • Evelyn Furney says:

      I have 1998 Buik and I changed the bulbs and the fuse and on the left front side the blinker isn’t working still now what should I check

      • Elzy says:

        I have the same problem but on my passenger side rear blinker will not work at all I’ve changed the lights change the fuse and changed the switch still no signal in the passenger rear side I’m about feed up with and about to scrap the truck bc nothing is given a result

  3. shawn says:

    but in new turn signel swicht and have no taillight and blinnkers

  4. Sheila says:

    Signal lights not coming on but hazards do come on. Checked fuses. They seemed to be fine. Please advise. Thanks.

  5. Tommy says:

    Yes you are exactly right! Thank you so much! I changed the flasher and she works fine! $4.00 Thanks to your advice probably saved me up to $400 on mechanics which I’ve seen that many do blow smoke to steal your money. I was thinking I’d have to get someone to pull my steering wheel and change out the tumbler switches! God bless you!

  6. marx says:

    I replaced the flasher on a ford f 150 1998 but still dont work my turn signal stilk dont work

  7. John S says:

    I have a 1995 GMC 1500 4×4. My rear blinkers, brake lights and 4 way flashers do not work, But they all work in the front. My rear running lights work.
    I haves tested all the bulbs they are good, also tested the rear ground wire it is good. Could the problem be my relay under the hood? I am led to believe it controls both the blinkers and the brake lights?

  8. brian v says:

    I have a 76 cheyenne, and i have been having the same problem. My turn signals dont work. But brake light and hazards do i checked the fuses, new flasher, and replaced the turn signal switch but still nothing.

  9. chris w says:

    2006 CVPI no turn signals but when brakes are applied the switch will turn off brake light

  10. jonny says:

    both turn signals will begin rapid flashing, but if I turn the car off and on again both signals begin working perfectly fine.
    This has become more frequent for a few weeks now.
    Saturn ion 2005

    • Rick Vise says:

      I have a 1947 Ford car and installed a after market turn signal switch. The blinkers work great until I turn the headlights on then only the front blinkers work and the rear lights light up but do not blink. Also I have no brake lights. Checked all the fuses and grounds and they look fine. What should I be looking for to fix this problem?

  11. Steve says:

    Thanks just got new headlights the blinkers in front didn’t work I got new bulbs with them. Never expected them to be bad but thanks to you I rechecked bulbs and they were bad

  12. al says:

    hello, I just rewired a trailer correctly and the lights function properly. however, the right signal flashes a little fast (trailer connected or not)and the bulbs are flashing on the trailer,but the right blinker seems to to bleed a little into the left light on the trailer only, but not vice-versa. Now that’s strange. What do you think. Thank you.

  13. Gregg says:

    I have a problem I’ve never seen before or heard of. When I put either left or right blinker on ALL lights blink like my hazards are flashing with the turn signal.

  14. tracey-lynn kennedy says:

    just wondering my hazards light works but right and left single doesnt changed fuse and nothing on a 2000 pontiac sunfire thank -you

  15. Matt says:

    For some reason my blinker flashes with the switch in the off position UNTIL I turn my headlights on, that’s the only time it will stop blinking. I do have a blown headlight bulb on the left side, which is also the blinker that is malfunctioning. I’m not sure if the headlight being out is relevant or not seeing as though my blinkers and headlights have separate housings. Anyone offer any advice?

  16. den says:

    There’s a wire going down too your brakes make sure it’s pulled in all the same had the same problem

  17. den says:

    There’s like a relay down there its what makes the clicking noise when you turn on your signal! !!

  18. nandu says:

    Please advise what will be the problem if my Toyota Corolla 2000 car both signal lights are not working. I know that bulbs are fine because it was recently changed.



  19. Stan says:

    I have a 2000 Buick La saber. The left turn signals is acting like it is on double time. The Left rear turn signal lightbulb was out so I replaced it. It still doing The left turn signal double time, with no light on the left rear signal. Next I replace the 15 amp in the fuse box. Still not working right.
    What is your thinking to resolve this problem?

  20. Bob Marshall says:

    Turn signals quit – hazards work. ’99 Olds Aurora.

    Thanks –


  21. vance wright says:

    my left turn will not stop bilking

  22. peter conti says:

    I have a different problem on my 98 max. My passenger side front blinker is not working while the rear one is working (The driver side blinkers are fine). I checked the bulb and even replaced it with new one, it’s still not working. This is actually the second time is happening. The first time, I gave up and suddenly (I think after I hit a bump) it started working again. This time, my wife hit another car (no damage to the cars), and it quits working.

    I’ve got different opinion about the cause of the problem. It’s not the bulb. It’s not the relay because the rear one is working. It’s probably the ground connection.

    Anyone experienced the same problem?

  23. Hector Lopez says:

    My 240, 1993 volvo teun signal does not work some times. I want to know what is wrong.

  24. tom says:

    I have a 2005 Grand Prix that the front passenger side does not work, I have replaced the bulb and tested both the old one and the new one, it still does not work. The signal light flashes fast on the rear indicating the bulb is blown but the bulb is ok?

  25. Jasmine says:

    I have a 2000 infiniti and all of a sudden my turn signals stopped working, then the next day they worked and stopped again. All my other lights work. My question is how would I know if I need to replace the signal switch or just replace the signal relay?

  26. John says:

    I have a 2005 Mits Montero, left signals work fine, right signals not working at all. Hazards on, only left side flashes, not the right. Have checked all fuses, and all bulbs – are fine. Flasher of course is working… so what could the issue be?

  27. Thomas Smith says:

    I have a 2009 jeep liberty and the emr flashers work but the turn signals don’t flash what the matter

  28. mark oppie says:

    1987 Chevy Celebrity: All lights are working and I just replaced the flasher with the proper part.It has an X and L terminal.still no blink!!! I have 12 volts at the beck of the socket at all times i.e. key on or off, signal stalk up down or in between. Please advise as even getting to the flasher was a nightmare.I had to drop the steering column to even locate the flasher

  29. Alex says:

    I have a 2000 Mitsubishi mirage the light bulbs and fuses are good but I still can not find out how my signals don’t work

  30. bill says:

    I have a 1999 Miata flashers work then stop then after a while they work again hazards also

  31. Ashley says:

    I have a 2003 Ford Ranger. My arrow on dash board is no longer lighting up and my front driver side blinker isn’t working. I have checked fuses, light bulbs, and the flasher and it still doesn’t work. Advise?

  32. billy says:

    I replaced my key switch in my ford ranger after I crank it the turn signal wat work I turn the switch as im almost cranking it again then they work what is the problem

  33. Dave Kutscher says:

    95 Ranger, turn signals and hazard not working. replaced switch no help. check fuses ok, checked flasher voltage ok. is this just a failed flasher ?

  34. boris says:

    I have a 1996 Plymouth voyager left side turn signals work, right turn signal front works but the back does not, I changed the flasher relay and checked the bulbs, bulbs are in working condition and I cant find the problem


  35. julie says:

    I have a 94 chevy astro. Rear signal light wasnt working so i replaced the bulb which was burned. Replaced the socket because it looked like it was burned too. After replacing the socket i put in a new bulb but it blew off. what can i do now, please help

  36. Clifton says:

    I have a 2007 Honda Accord and the right turn signal blinks very fast. I was in an accident and my light was smashed so I replaced it myself and its been blinking fast but running and lighting up fine. It just recently stopped running when I have my lights on, it still blinks but it looks like its out when I’m driving. Any help would be appreciated.

  37. James Dakota Bennett says:

    I have an ’06 Pontiac Grand Prix (Base Sedan), all my blinkers are working, tail lights, headlights everything. But the rear passenger side blinker is not blinking. The bulbs on but it won’t blink. Have 1 Hazard/Signal fuse in the inside compartment (20w) and it’s fine. I’m confused here.

  38. Peter Wainwright says:

    I have a 1999 plymouth grand Voyager with intermittent signal problems.

    Right turn signal works all the time
    Emergency Flashers all work and work all the time when flasher button depressed.

    All bulbs are good.

    Left turn signal may work randomly for a few miles and then suddenly stop. Sometimes it will not come back for days and will not stay working for more than a few miles on any day.

    Already replaced turn signal lever switch (multifunction switch) and it did not make an improvement.

    someone told me it could be ignition switch related. Another person says flasher relay unit.

    Any suggestions?

  39. Hector Lopez says:

    I have a 240 volvo from 1993, the left driver’s front turn signal does not work. It will not blink. Pleaselet me konw what is wrong.

    Hector Lopez

  40. Linda says:

    I have a 1998 ford contour and my turn signals or flashers will work.Have replaced the switch and the relay in the switch checked all bulbs and fuses and still nothing….please help me

  41. ben says:

    My turn signal works just makes screeching noises and will get stuck and go slower than usual

  42. Ong says:

    Check your headlamp earthing make sure it is tighten and if possible use sand paper to sand the nut and the car that it is connected

  43. Karly says:

    I have a 99 ford escort se wagon. My right turn signal doesn’t work and neither does my right hazard. I have replaced fuse after fuse, replaced multiple switches as well, also replaced the bulbs. It is neither of these things and I am at my wits end. Help

  44. Bridget says:

    I have a 96 dodge neon. My blinkers stopped working after the car sat for 7 months. It did get a heater core replaced. When I turn on my blinkers the passenger front doesn’t turn on at all. But they blink really fast. I checked all bulbs they are good. I replaced the bulbs of the ones that are not working and they still don’t turn on. Then when I turn on my headlights or flashers on the flashers won’t blink and none of the blinkers work but in the dash the indicator the left side only stays on. What can this be?

    • Al says:

      You should check to confirm that the right bulbs are installed. Sometimes when people replace bulbs they use the wrong ones. The 161, 168, 194 and 921 are problems; the bases are all the same but they are different wattages, and the lighting circuits are designed such that they only work as designed when you install the correct bulbs. SO – if you can’t read the writing on the bulbs any more you’ll need to replace them with bulbs of the correct type. The owners manual for your car will say. If you don’t have an owners manual call a couple junkyards and ask, they often have them in from cars people are junking; you also can get one from a dealer, they are not very expensive, and sometimes you can do a web search using google or some such and find them to be downloaded on line for free.

      Good luck

      • Stephen Tuck says:

        I have a 96neon sat for a couple years and now the Hazards work but only the park lights work on the left side and turn signals work on the right… confused right now

  45. Richard says:

    i replaced the multifunction switch on our 98 f150 xl 4.6l 2wd due to loss of turn singals and brake lights. so i replaced the multifunction switch and still dont have either and fuses and bulbs are good along with the plugs under the truck and the bulb sockets. please help me i am lost and out of ideas my email is

  46. Dan says:

    Both turn signals come on in back of my 79 Gmc c15 when i turn on one side the front are ok it’s just the back?

  47. KT says:

    I have a 2001 GMC Yukon. Just installed new covers, sockets and bulbs in front and back. I have emergency blinkers and the right turn signal, front and back. No left signal. Lights will go on, but no blinking. Signal is on on my dash, but doesn’t blink.

    Flasher replacement needed?

  48. Woody says:

    I have a ’93 GMC Sierra and my rear break lights and blinker will work every once in a while (very rarely). The left side lights will work just fine every time, not the same with the right side though. The right side lights very seldom work. The front are okay.

  49. David says:

    I have a 03 gmc sierra. both turn signals do not work. Checked all the fuses and they are all good. Already replaced the flasher relay module and problem persists. hazards work though. replaced turn signal switch with a good used one and signals still do not work. Need help for a new angle for troubleshooting.

  50. kidd says:

    Hi! i have a chevrolet optra 2007 and the hazard lights won’t work unless the turn signal switch is on (either left or right) together with the hazard button. Turn signals work perfectly fine. thank you.

  51. Mir says:

    Hi! So I put my left blinker on to turn into my driveway today, and it didn’t turn off. Even when I manually put the lever in the off position, it stays blinking. But the weird thing is, is that it will turn off when its in the right position. The right blinker also doesn’t work in the right position, so I have no right blinker. To make it simpler, here’s how it is=

    Left position=left blinker
    off position=left blinker
    right position=no blinker

    I drive a Saab 9-3 convertible. Any suggestions?

  52. Aleem says:

    I have a 1995 Mercury grandmarquis. It marks that it is over heating but it really doesn’t. I changed the termalstat and it still marks the over heat can someone please help me. I think it is the coolant sensor because the fan is good and so is the radiator????

  53. Justin says:

    I have a 1996 gmc sierra the turn signals will not work but when I turn my emergency flashers on they only work when I hit the brakes what could be my problem

  54. scott says:

    I have a 2006 ford escape. When I turn on my turn signal, both, left and right come on. It’s like turning on my 4 way flashers. What can I do to fix this? TY

  55. Jenn says:

    I HAVE A 96 Chevy c1500 and my left tail light is not working on the back side ONLY I changed bulbs on the back and also the flashing relay and still not working ONLY the front is flashing…! Any advise thanks

  56. Bob says:

    I have a 1981 ram d250 all the lights were working when it went in for a safety and when I got it home no headlights and signals blink at the same time and when I put the headlights on the blinker indicators both light up really bright can anyone help me

  57. Garee says:

    I have a 2004 Buick Rendezvous.
    Left turn signal works fine.
    Right turn signal works fine in front, but then both left and right rear signals flash at the same time.
    Also, when brake is pressed, only the right rear brake light is lit.
    What is the problem?

  58. SaskBill says:

    Hi – 1991 Ford Ranger Supercab – Rear Stop/Turnlights flash together whenever ignition is on. Hazard lights work normally, brake lights and running lights work OK. When turning left, front signal light and left rear turn light OK; when turning right, fron turn lights and BOTH rear lights flash. Checked front ground on drivers’s side engine compart apron, rebuilt rear wiring harness (PO had cut out the plug and licence light subharness, and left some of the subdived wires dangling, but this did not help. Checked all bulbs and rear sockets.

    Phantom rear flashing goes away when I speed up but dash volatge indicator is always high side of normal. Low volatge problem?

  59. Stef says:

    Hi I have a 95 Ford aspire. Passenger side blinkers work, front driver’s side works but the rear driver side doesn’t. All the other lights in that fixture work, I put another bulb that I know works and it still didn’t work. Any ideas?

  60. don says:

    I have a 2008 frontier 4/4 se 6cyl right turnsignal work fine, left side don’t light up or do notting and the flasher don’t work! can all fuses and bulbs all ok? need help! thanks don

  61. D. says:

    Can a slow inner cabin dimmer light switch be added to a 2001 Ford F150 ? Thanks, D.

  62. Damien Parker says:

    I have a 2000 Holden astra(gm) flashers stuck on solid only when ignition off or on acc. When on or start all work perfect. The only thing I can do to stop the battery going flat is to pull the flasher relay everytime I turn the car off

  63. Sam says:

    Hey, I have a 1989 Eddie Bauer bronco 2. I just noticed today my turn signals both stopped working, as well as my reverse lights. My hazards worked fine so I swapped the relay of the hazards into the turn signals. The turn signals both worked, and my hazards no longer worked, so the other relay was blown. Then my turn signals stopped working minutes later. And I swapped the relay back and neither work so both the relays are blown. Does this mean I have a short somewhere? If so how do I go about locating and fixing this? I already changed the 15amp fuse for my turn signals btw, that was not the problem.

  64. Joey says:

    My turn signal went out and i rode it out for a while. Then my break lights stopped working also. Unfortunately my brother in law wrecked his and we have the same model. So I took his multipurpose switch and put it on my truck now I’ve got brakes but they disengage when I turn the blinker. Sorry 2000 Ford 150

  65. dawnajo says:

    how is it possible for my hazard lights to work but not my turn signals on my 98 plymouth voyager? does the same rule apply?

  66. ray says:

    2007 Jeep Compass. 4 ways do not come on. Turn signals work fine. Manual does not show a relay.

  67. Allen Strickland says:

    What could it be if the rear turn signals work but the front do not. Fuses are good and replaced both bulbs…

  68. Tracie F says:

    99 Jeep Cherokee Sport. Noticed fast blinker, left rear bulb was out. Changed it. With it running, power to directional without it on. Also, now, the back windows don’t work, it keeps stalling when I use the brake, and with the new bulb, the blinker is sporadically fast and it makes the brake, directional,, reverse on both sides blink along with the interior light. What’s going on?

  69. Cody says:

    I have a 1999 buick century and only one of my back turn signals flash the two front ones and one in the rear dont flash to indicate that I am turning why is that?

  70. Rogelio Charles says:

    I replace the turn signal switch on my 2003 Ford Expedition. It work for 10 munutes then went out again. Can someone explain to me what else could be the problem?

  71. Jerry says:

    Installing turn signals on our golf cart; using clearance lights for turn signals. Not enough current draw to make the flasher flash…what should I do?

  72. jack t says:

    The 10A FUSE for the BLINKERS on my 2003 Jeep Liberty is located on the BOTTOM RIGHT inside fuse box by door
    I thought it was other things but NO. I just pulled all the fuses and by default found it. The REAR Wiper Fuse 20A is in the MIDDLE column and 2nd Down. fyi. FINALLY fixed it

  73. Robison says:

    My issue is just the rear break lights and rear blinkerseat on both sides. Everything on the front is fine.

  74. TedJackson says:

    My daughter has a 2010 Nissan Sentra. The original bulb is a 3057 and a retailer sold her 3057A, saying it is the replacement bulb.. The new bulb works for a few seconds of flashing and then stops. It doesn’t start again until the bulb is removed from the socket and reinserted. Why?

  75. Becca says:

    My driver side flasher does not work. The dash does not light up or outside blinker light. The right side blinker works no problem. I tried to change the bulb but still nothing. Do I need a special flasher bulb or could it be a fuse or wiring? It is very dirty where the light housing is. This is a 2003 dodge Durango. Thanks!

  76. aldo says:

    1998 Mitsubishi mirage. Turn signals stopped working, both sides. 10A fuse (in passenger compartment) looked ok, but went ahead and replaced. Swapped turn signal relay/flasher (in passenger compartment) with hazard relay/flasher. Hazard lights still functioned. Turn signals still did not function. Replaced turn signal switch assembly on column. Turn signals still do not function. Are there any other fuses or relays for the turn signals under the hood? There is a rectangular fuse/relay box under the hood. However, the information on top of the box does not clearly show what each of them services.

  77. Mike Etgen says:

    In my 1986 Mazda B2000, the front signal and parking lights share the same bulb. The bulbs work when lights are on. LF turn signal does not work but LR does, at correct frequency. When R turn signal is on, the flasher in the dash blinks rapidly, the RR bulb flashes, but the RF does not operate at all. I’ve gone through and checked/corrected corrosion where found in sockets. I have not been able to remove the flasher to substitute another. Other ideas?

  78. Ben Johnson says:

    I have a 1971 Plymouth Fury III. My hazards work fine, but turn signals (both sides) stopped working the other day. I also recently went over a speed bump, and the headlights went out. When I turn the brights on, the lowbeams still work fine. Very confused. I changed all the fuses out, so that’s not it. Any help would be much appreciated! Thanks, Ben.

  79. Ronald says:

    1988 Dodge driver side rear turn signal not working when head lights are on

  80. herbert says:

    I have a Dodge ram 1500 5.7 hemi ,,,,when I turn on my Left turn signal the right one flashes sometimes two

  81. Sandra says:

    I have 95 s10 signals don’t work. Fuse is good when I put on brakes which ever signal I turn on that brake light goes out. Help

  82. Kevin says:

    Will rewiring trailer hookups in my 1990 F250 somehow my left turn signal will not work fuses not blown in the fuse box under the steering wheel light bulbs are still good what should I do? And also for some reason all my lights now work in my trailer except for the brake lights any suggestions?

  83. Dave says:

    Hello I have a 2006 Ford Taurus my blinkers and flasher stop working after I drive the car for about an hour if I turn the car off and let it cool down they will work again.all my bulbs are good what could be causing this problem?

  84. Chanelle says:

    Hello! I have a 2011 Kia Sorento, when the headlights are on the left turn signal doesn’t work but when the lights are turned off, the left turn signal works but it is dim and the side turn signal on side mirror flashes faster then all the rest

  85. william a randolph jr says:

    when I was making a left turn,which sometimes don’t cancels itself when it wants to,as I was about to make a right turn I turned my singal lights to make the turn and I heard a pop,so now I don’t have turn siganls at all.I’am using my flashers,is that good idea to do and what do I know to do to get it fixed

  86. mike s. says:

    I have a 2002 Nissan Frontier & when i turn the key on the passenger side blinker comes on & stays on the whole time the key is on! It don’t blink it just stays on! Can somebody help please? thanks in advance!

  87. Jeff2 says:

    I have a 1997 Chevy Silverado with LED turn signals instead of bulbs, so what do I do? All of the lights blink when hazard switch is on, so what is the problem? I am using a LED relay switch and I do not know what else to do! My 3rd brake light does not receive power sometimes or it will not turn off when all switched are turned off and when the key is off. I have been looking online for solutions for weeks and have not been able to find any useful help to fix my issues. I have checked and double checked the fuse boxes both under the hood and in the fuse box on the drivers side. I am trying not to spend a lot of money to fix these problems. Any solutions??

  88. Tracy says:

    We have 2001 dodge turn signals blink once than stops. Checked bulbs and fuses and all good. What could be the problem?

  89. Deezy says:

    HI, okay, so i have a 97 jimmy, and all 3 brake lights dont work.. my signals work, but they are screwed up.. so when i put my signal on to the right, my turn signal plus reverse light, and my hazard light light up (and the left side blinks as well) but when i turn my left signal on, it works normal.. so i have checked my fuses and the only one im missing is my STOP/HAZ fuse.. (problem is, 1, i still have no brake lights, and 2, something is wrong with my brakes all together.!) so i took that back out… i checked my wires behind the truck (at the trailer connector) and i found someone who wired the truck put my 2 Aux Stoplamp wires and wired it with the white heavy gage wire, which is my ground. and of course they were all melted together….. so ive recently seperated them and grounded my heavy gage wire… and just when i thought i could fix this problem, well i still have no brake lights……

    I am NOT a mechanic, but I am trying to learn everything i can about vehicles… so if someone can help explain to me what i am to do… i am willing to try… ive been on this truck for 2 days now…. lol plz help!

  90. Dru says:

    I have a 91 taurus turn signals stopped working…along with the heater and and a/c controls. The hazards still work so it’s not the bulbs..i changed the fuse but as soon as i turn the key..the fuse pops. What would cause it to do that?

  91. jason says:

    on my 96 tacoma. when you put in turn signal to either side the hazards flash

  92. darrell unruh says:

    turn signals and blower moter quit at same time then will come back on later at same time

  93. Stuart Ross says:

    Right turn signal malfunction. Going twice as fast as normal, front illuminates, rear does not. Is this a fuse issue or burnt out bulb issue?

  94. Marcus says:

    The problem I am having it’s not with the turn signals working or not working. The problem is that when I turn the lights on whether it be full headlights or just running lights nine times out of ten the passenger bulbs for the turn signal are lit with a steady light as if I was holding the turn signal in the on position and then while driving down the road it will flicker on and off at no particular rhythm. It occasionally stops and other times it just flickers away. Fuses are good and so are bulbs.

  95. Shane says:

    Does any one know how to fix a problem if the turn signal does not turn off automatically after completing the turn?

  96. Tina says:

    My 1999 Buick century the driver side, blinker light works fine , but the passger side blinks fast , and n. ow the inside dash light for the passger side stays on all the time , I call the auto parts store and ask could. Be the flasher, he said know , he said if the driver side works it can’t be that. Please help. Thanks

  97. Taurean james says:

    I have a 2003 ford expedition and my turn signal comes on and then stops work then cut back on

  98. Ruth says:

    I have a 1999 JEEP Cherokee Laredo and when I turn on my turn signals the hazard lights come on.

  99. Laurie says:

    My right blinker only works when it wants to. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesnt, and sometimes it starts to and then stops. We’ve replaced the relay in the fuse box inside the car, and we replaced the multi-function switch. It’s still not working right. Left blinker is fine. 2003 Buick Rendezvous. Any suggestions on next thing to test?

  100. Dave Mascara says:

    I have a 2001 chevy impala. when I put on the turn signals, the front flash as if the 4 way is on. The rear works perfectly. All bulbs have been changed, relays are good. Do I need to replace the switch on the column? The 4 way flasher unit was also replaced.

  101. Nelda says:

    I would like to know if anyone can help me.. I changed my headlights to my car and now my turn signal don’t want to work and my high beam to my driver side don’t want to work please someone help me

  102. Willie B. says:

    On my 2001, F150, 2wd my passenger turn signal does not work when headlights are turned on, however they do work with the headlights turned off. Can you help?

  103. Darren says:

    I have a Nissan civilian bus that is a camper we have just got a new trailer but the indicators don’t work properly then just come on dull on the trailer and don’t flash on the bus but if you put your hazard lights on they work ok what can be the cause.

  104. Lois Bellamy says:

    I have a 2005 ford ranger. My blinkers and flasher works sometimes then stops completely. I checked the lights when they were blinking. Lights and fuses are working. So I tryed them this morning. They were working so I walked to the the back to ck the left side then to the front. By the time it stoped. Went back to try both side blinkers and flashers nothing. Does not even make the sound, nothing. What do you think this could be?

  105. I have a 95 Toyota camera my blinkers and hazard lights work but don’t blink replaced the bulbs and turn signal relay..what do i do next?

  106. Savon says:

    My 2001 E350 HEAVY DUTY If I turn on left signal it will not work while lights are on. Turn lights off they work just fine.

  107. Cathy says:

    New blue works but left Front flasher on the bottom of a 2000 Buick lasaba, bottom flasher does not flash. Everything else flashes. Help

  108. Mike says:

    I have a 97 Ford f150 XLT I have replaced the light switch also the relays due to them clicking and buzzing. My problem is still the same the lights are off my flashers and right and left turn signals work. But if I turn my parking lights or light full on they don’t work and the dash shows both right and left signal arrows are lit solid. Idk what else it could be

  109. Jose Avelar says:

    My 95 Tahoe has the left turn signal on constant when the headlights are on, when the headlights are off it blinks like normal. Any idea what’s causing it first time it’s done it

  110. Lori Lozano says:

    I have 2005 Ford Expedition Eddie Bauer edition the turn signals blink from anywhere from 1 blink to 5 and then they shot down.

  111. I have 1987 chevy astro van blinkers wont work but hazards work just fine .thinking not a ground issue

  112. John balthes says:

    Anyone especially a mechanic able to help me with a blinker problem?

  113. Hello, I have a 1999 Ford Expedition replace turn signal switch, while driving constant ticking rear lights flash all the time then when I apply brakes right side goes solid, any ideas what is wrong

  114. Russ Wood says:

    does it cost anything to join a discussion group or to get answers?

  115. Nathan says:

    I have a 98 Durango and my turn signals will come on but only blink twice and stop. Sometimes they don’t blink at all. As soon as I started having this problem my check engine light came on. What could be my problem and does it have anything to do with the check engine light coming on?

  116. Jeff Hobbs says:

    When parked, my turn signals work fine. But while driving they’re intermittent…sometimes the left flashes too fast, and then stops, or the right flashes fine, but then stops. When they stop flashing the indicator light just shows as solid green. But like I said, when parked they flash just fine!

  117. Jeff Hobbs says:

    Oh, I forgot to say that my vehicle is a 2002 Ford Explorer Sport…6cylinder!

  118. robin says:

    i have a 2001 dodge ram 1500. when i get in my truck to go some-were .i start my truck sometimes the turn signals will work sometimes they wont . and if i leave them on to long .it cause them to go out. i have checked the fuse. in side the truck under the hood.

  119. Charles says:

    Hi, I have a 97′ Plymouth neon. I replaced the bulb and checked the fuse but I still have no break or turn signal. The front still works like it should with rapid flashing indicating that the rear is out. What else can I do??

  120. Darren says:

    99 Aurora have no left side parking lights or lience plate light. signal lights and brake light on left side works but parking lights don’t work bulbs are good but fuse on left lights keep blowing need help to figure it out

  121. Shannon says:

    I have a 2002 ford expedition. All my lights stopped working. I had the turn signal switch replaced and my other lights are working now all but my turn signals and my lowbeam headlight. Can I get some help please

  122. Joanette Saba-Sturm says:

    I have a 2003 Honda accord. My flasher and cheeses and light bobs have all been replaced as well as the switch. My right turn signal works as do my emergency flashers. However, my left turn signal is still not operating. Suggestions??

  123. bill says:

    Hello I have a 2003 Ford Ranger XLT and the passenger front turn signal does not flash. Inside is a rapid clicking and no light on the dash flashing. I have replaced the bulbs and replaced the multi function switch as well as the relay and I still have the issue. Also the light works when on as a parking light. And the light does not flash when using the hazards. Any ideas??? Please help.

  124. Eugene Kay says:

    I have a 2005 Mazda tribune and the right signal isn’t working at all not on dash not in front or back need help

  125. I have a 2000 dodge ram van 1500 that the front passenger side does not work, I have replaced the bulb and tested both the old one and the new one, it still does not work. The signal light flashes fast on the rear indicating the bulb is blown but the bulb is ok?

  126. Ken says:

    I have a 2000 Ford F150 XLT it has 4.6 triton. I recently had a water hose blow off the radiator while driving down the road. Before this happened I had no problems at all with my electrical system. I fixed the issue with the hose and got back on the road. I noticed that later I tried to use my cruise control and it wouldn’t work. the next day I lost all blinkers and my emergency flashers as well and brake lights. The head lights and running lights work just fine. I found a fuse that had blown that operates all this but if I try to use any blinkers or brakes the fuse blows again every time. Now if I unplug the brake light switch everything else stays working with no issues. What is making this happen this is my work truck and need it every day?

  127. James says:

    I have no turn signals or hazards, replaced the relay under the dash, checked the fuses, they are good, where do I go from her

  128. Ronald Barnes says:

    I have a 2008 Saturn Vue and the right front turn signal don’t work changed the bulb and checked the wiring and no power

  129. donald mobley says:

    interior lights will not turn off

  130. Kevin says:

    2005 GMC Sierra
    The left side turn signals front, mirror, and rear do not turn on at all. The right
    All work fine. Thoughts?

  131. John says:

    I have a 2002 Ford F350 Super Duty box truck. The driver side rear break light does not work. The running light and emergency flashers work. I installed the following and still doesn’t work: Optronics LED – Stop/Turn/Tail Light

  132. Lynn says:

    I have a 2005 cadilac cts and when I turn on my headlights my left blinker light inside stays on then when I use the blinker my hazard lights come on? Help

  133. Devra says:

    no turn signals or flashers- already checked fuses, replaced steering column switch- Any more suggestion? 2005 Acura MDX

  134. dennie white says:

    I have a 2004 chevy s.10 and on the dash cluster at night and I guess all the time because it has the eye on the dash but the left side blinker is real dim but when I cut that signal on it blinks fine just the blinker light looks like its on all the time

  135. Donna says:

    HELP! My left signal stays on, flashing without turn switch on. Also my right turn signal doesn’t work. I was repairing the turn signal switch, with key on I think, and then this happened. Did I possibly blow the right turn bulb? But why would the left turn signal stay flashing? Please help.

  136. My rear driver blinker has no power to it what do I need to do. I’ve already changed the bulbs and had it checked with the tester and there’s no power so I know it’s not the bulb how do I fix that

  137. penny davenport says:

    my 95 cougar blinker comes on an off but i havent seen a flasher to replace wt can i do

  138. Ray says:

    My 2009 Saturn outlook all the lights work but the brake lifts don’t work and both left and right back turn signals don’t work the front turn signals are fine?

  139. Why would ur turn signal’s stop working and the right turn signal stay on even when van is off on a 1999 dodge caravan

  140. Mike says:

    I had a remote start put on my f150 now a week later the truck is acting up by the blinker turning on bit not flashing and if I turn the blinker on to the same side then remote starter works please help

  141. Reshonda says:

    My signal lights will work for a second then they stop. What is the problem. Please help me

  142. Dan says:

    i have a 2005 blazer. left signal lights flash really fast. the right side flashes normal. i have replaced all bulbs on left side but still did not fix it. could it be the flasher causing only one side to flash fast?

  143. Jerry Farler says:

    1998 s 10 drivers side turn signals don’t work with the head lights on blink fast when off.

  144. Kami says:

    Jeep 2008 both blinkers still blink but fast but sometimes normal when they feel like it I have had them at the dealership 2xs but not jeep they said they were fixed. I have replaced they 2xs and they stil don’t work right ehT is up?

  145. Michael says:

    My turn signal flasher is always ticking without using the turn signals. Why?

  146. Christina says:

    I am having an issue with my left blinker. The right blinker works fine. When I put the left blinker on the stock stays in the on position until i make the turn as if it does function but nothing happens with the blinker it does not illuminate or Flash front or back. Same thing with the hazard light I put the hazards on the right side blinks but nothing happens on the left side. Any ideas?

  147. Malcolm says:

    My issue is that the running lights on the trailer are fine and the turn signal on the vehicle works but the turn signal on the trailer doesn’t work. All of the lights on the trailer work. What could be the issue?

  148. Veronica says:

    2007 Ford Expedition El, left turn signal doesn’t work at all, but right turn signal will not turn off even in the off position. Any ideas what it could be?

  149. Peter Natoli says:

    I have installed turn signals on my Model T Ford.I have LED lights and load resistors.The system has been working until recently.My problem is that the right side illuminates and flashes ,while the left side illuminates but will not flash.I replaced the flasher unit and still have the same issue with the left side.

  150. Alicia says:

    I have a 95 bmw and the blinker won’t turn off unless I take out the battery even when the car is off

  151. Antonio says:

    I have a 2013 impala I changed out the head light housing , my driver side signal light comes on but want flash. I have all new bulbs in front an rear of the car an still no flash. So I put the factory back in to see if I got same thing an I don’t , they work fine what can this be?

  152. Darryl says:

    2004 Chevy Silverado 2500 HD. Changed over to LED’s. Changed the flasher Relay to a LED compatible. Everything works great except at night, when in Auto(lighting control knob) I have no directionals and the indicator arrows in dash are lit up. Can anyone help me.

  153. Shawn m says:

    When my head lights are off blinkers work fine. When I turn on my head lights the right side don’t work. 79 camero

  154. Michelle says:

    I have a 2004 Buick rendezvous cxl, my falshers and right blinker work but my left blinker works on and off , so I don’t think it’s a bulb. Any ideas?

  155. I have changed the bulb, checked the fuse boxes, and checked the relay switch, but my right signal light does not work but all the other signal lights work front and back, hazards work. When I turn the right signal on it clicks fast in the cab. Could this be a wire problem?? This is a 2000 Windstar van. I am mechanically inclined even though I am female. Please help thanks. Michelle.

  156. Alex hunter says:

    I have a 94 caprice hazard lights work and my blinker right side works and my back left blinker works but my front left blinker doesn’t work? Replaced all bulbs and a relay still nothing?

  157. Alex hunter says:

    I’m having a front left blinker problem all new bulbs hazard work and right side works and the left back blinker works

  158. Seth says:

    2001 Ford Ranger XLT 4.0L

    My blinkers stopped working, but now my running lights work as blinkers and hazards…

  159. Adeline Tammaro says:

    Hi I have a 2003 Chevy impala buzzing when I use my directional now buzzing and no directional working. I replaced
    Flashers but did not fix problem. Help plz ty

  160. Teresa says:

    Does a blown audio fuse under bonnet affect both turn signals. And there’s no blinker noise. The break and park lights work wipers and lights all work. My car was stolen and I just got it back. I found broken audio fuse under bonnet but putting another fuse in they still don’t work.

  161. Max Brown says:

    I have a turn signal barely blinking when I turn on the other side turn signal with the parking lights on

  162. William F says:

    What if when the headlights are turned on the turn signal works but doesnt stay on on 1 side after turn.

  163. William F says:

    How come my turn signal works but doesnt stay on when im not using it?

    • EBBBBBB says:

      I have a 2005 Tahoe. All lighs work EXCEPT blinkers, even hazard lights work. Checked all fuses. Replaced relay. Still no blinkers. Suggestions/ideas?

  164. RANDY GIL says:

    why do my turn signals continually stop working and the fuse blows on my 1995 S10 p/u truck ?

  165. Larry says:

    2007 Pontiac Torrent rear passenger turn signal blinks sporadically fast, front doesn’t at all, dome light won’t shut off. Checked fuses, replaced turn signal switch, replaced BCM with another used (other appeared toasted). What to try next?

  166. Nick says:

    My turning signals and everything worked, hour later when using my turn signal the trucks right one would flash, but the left trailer blinker would flash… instead of the right side for truck and trailer… HELP!

  167. Daniel LaBay says:

    The blinker on the rear passenger side on my 2004 Ford Mustang GT one bulb flashes the first one on the left the other 2 do not already replaced bulbs anyone know why this is happening and how to fix it ?

  168. Spencer says:

    I replace the hazard switch the fuses are good the bulbs are good to turn signals are just not working

  169. rick says:

    the left turn signal on my 1993 toyota camry does nothing. changed bulbs and no change

  170. William Anderson says:

    No lights work in the rear driver side of my 2004 Jeep Liberty. The fuse panel says #9 but there was no fuse there and when I attempted to put the red 10amp fuse in, it did not catch/stay in place. Isn’t a circuit breaker or some other part suppose to be inside the slot to help hold the fuse in place? The slot if fully empty.

  171. Wanda Self says:

    I have a 2002 Jeep Laredo and the turn signals work some time and then they stop. I changed the rear bulbs and the flasher relay switch under the dash. The emergency flashers work though. Please help

  172. Tom Delamar says:

    i have a 1997 dodge ram pick    the right signal does not work  all lights seem to be good    the left works as well as the emergence flashers work.  any ideal what would cause this

  173. CJ Herbert says:

    My 2003 trailblazer turn signals
    work only in park or neutral ,
    But quit working when shift into
    Gear ,
    Every light test good
    Fuses good
    All works fine in park or neutral

  174. Art Sulkowski says:

    Turn signals work but only while in park or neutral, could it be the flasher/module?

  175. Tom Yazvac says:

    My green wire – right turn signal – coming from my truck harness maintains a constant 12 volts even when the truck is off. Where could the power be coming from?

  176. Steve says:

    After going through all of this, I took off my turn signal and wiper arm off of steering wheel and found one of the connectors had two wires exposed and a burned plastic adapter! Plus there is a burn mark on the metal part of steering column that can not be seen from not taking this off. THIS , I believe is the problem that kept blowing 50 Amp fuses and stopped my BLINKERS and Heater from working! I hope this helps someone?

  177. John cooper says:

    Good morning, I have a problem with my trailer socket, when I want to turn right my socket gives me a reading that right and left are at the same time working. And this is also on the left side , on the Trailer I have no lidicater what could I have for a problem and how can I fix it form john

  178. Angie says:

    I have a 1994 Jeep Wrangler. I replaced the tail lights with led lights. Everything works except the turn signals. I’ve replaced fuses and the relay. Any ideas? A kid at a parts stores says I need to install led equalizers on both tail lights but I’m skeptical. I’m not sure he gave me the correct relay either. I just ordered different one online that looks similar to the old one.

  179. Fred Nungesser says:

    where is the flasher located on a 2000 Buick Century

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