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By Carl O’Reilly

The “Air Bag” light remains illuminated or flashes after the vehicle is started.

The “Air Bag” light relates to the Supplemental Inflatable Restraint (SIR) system, more commonly known as the air bag. The light should come on when the key is turned on and go out a few seconds after the vehicle is started. After the vehicle is started, the Air Bag Control Module tests the air bag, crash sensors, and other various sensors to ensure the system is operational. This is commonly referred to as a self test. If the module detects a failure in the system it will illuminate or flash the air bag light to indicate to the driver a problem has been detected. Under most circumstances the air bag will not deploy in a collision while the system has detected a fault and the air bag light is illuminated.

Since the air bag is a critical safety device, it is imperative the system be serviced and repaired as soon as possible. Repairs to the air bag should be left to trained personnel that have the proper equipment to diagnose and repair the system correctly. The technician will perform a self diagnostic test on the Air Bag System. The Air Bag module will store a diagnostic trouble code that relates to the failed component or circuit. Once this code is retrieved, the technician will focus their diagnosis on that particular failure. Once pin-pointed, the repair facility should provide you with an accurate repair cost detailing the parts and labor.

If the vehicle is still under warranty the diagnosis and repair of the problem should be covered by the vehicle manufacturer. If the vehicle is no longer under warranty you should have the system diagnosed by a trained professional. A trained professional should be able to diagnose the problem within an hour.

2 responses to “Diagnose Air Bag Light Comes On”

  1. alfredo umali says:

    l have 2007 pt cruiser, when l started the engine the air bag light stay on about maybe 3 second after the engine running the light come off and never flash or come on….l went to chp to get inspection the car and told me there something wrong the airbag….please tell me if l had bad wiring because l seen some 2007 pt cruiser and worked the same as mine….my 2007 pt cruiser warning light air bag located below were the radio is.please l need someone help thanks!!

  2. david chin says:

    chrysler voyager 2001 ,6 cyclinder my air bag lights on and off while driving.please help me.thanks.

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