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Electrical Sensor The handling and ride of your vehicle is highly dependent on your steering, suspension, and brake systems. With simple attention you can easily maintain and repair minor problems within these systems and below you will find a wealth of informative auto repair and maintenance articles related to the steering, suspension, and brake systems.

Alignment of Wheels
Anti-Lock Brake Systems (ABS)
Brake Pads
Brake Proportioning Valve
Brake Rotor and Calipers
Brake Shoes and Drums
Brake System Overview
Brake System Warning Light
CV Joints and Boots
Leaks (Common Autmotive)
Leaks (Checking and refilling your fluids)
Master Cylinder
Parking Brake
Rack/Pinion Steering System
Shocks and Struts
Squealing or Screeching Noises

Squeaking Or Squealing Noise From Wheel Area
Steering Hub
Steering Knuckle and Control Arm
Steering System Assembly and Overview
Suspension System and Tire Overview
Torsion Bar
Troubleshoot – Antilock Brake Light Stays On After Engine Is Started
Troubleshoot – Bad Smell Coming From The A/C Vents
Troubleshoot – Brakes Make A Grinding Noise When Applied
Troubleshoot – Brake Pedal Goes To Floor When Pressed
Troubleshoot – Brake Pedal Pulsates When Pressed
Troubleshoot – Car Pulls To One Side When I Step On The Brake
Troubleshoot – Front End Dips When I Step On The Brakes
Troubleshoot – Liquid On Floorboard Of My Car
Troubleshoot – Loud Squeal Heard When Turning Steering Wheel
Troubleshoot – Master Cylinder Is Low On Brake Fluid
Troubleshoot – My Brake Warning Light Came On
Troubleshoot – My Car Shakes At High Speeds
Troubleshoot – Parking Brake Won’t Hold
Troubleshoot – Popping Sound When Making Tight Turns

Troubleshoot – Squealing Noise When Air Conditioning Is Turned On
Troubleshoot – Squeaking Noise When I Step On The Brake Pedal
Troubleshoot – Steering Feels Loose And Sloppy
Troubleshoot – Tires Wearing Abnormally
Troubleshoot – Vehicle Pulls To One Side While Driving

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3 responses to “Auto Repair Handling”

  1. Jerry Dover says:

    I have a 84 Dodge D-150 short bed. Three weeks ago, the rear of the truck wobbles back and forth at low speeds. Yesterday, I replaced the shocks and there was no improvement. Tires are in great shape, air pressure good. Any suggestions. Thanks for your help.

  2. Bob Keiser says:

    the guy who just chanfged ny oil on a 94 Buick PA and said that the rear subframe bolts and bushings are separating from the body. what does this mean, is there danger here – any suggestions?

  3. Patrick wilson says:

    I have a 2005 Nissan Altima that I have replaced the passenger side caliper on twice because it’s acting like it is seizing up. It’s doing the same with the shaking and heating up on that side again and it’s only been a few days since a new caliper was installed. What causes that and how to fix it.

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