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Electrical Sensor The engine is at the heart of your auto and does the work necessary to keep your auto moving down the road. Engine and performance components need regular maintenance and repair attention so below you will find a wealth of informative auto repair and maintenance articles related to the engine, its components, and other performance related articles from the site.
Automotive Engines
Catalytic Converter
Check Engine Light
Cruise Control System
Diagnose Engine Oil Light Stays
Emission System
Emission Test Failed? Proper Diagnosis Techniques
Engine Is Backfiring
Engine Block, Pistons, and Crankshaft
Engine Consuming Oil – Smoke From Exhaust
Engine Intake and Exhaust
Engine Knock, Ping, Rattle
Engine Lubrication Basics
Engine Noise and Tapping
Evaporative Control System (EVAP)
Fuel Injection Basics
How To Diagnose Engine Overheating
Jumping a Battery
Leaks (Common Automotive)
Leaks (Checking Your Fluids)
Positive Crankcase Ventilation
Service Engine Soon Light Came On

Thermostatic Air Cleaner (TAC)
Troubleshoot – Engine Cranks Fast But Still Doesn’t Start
Troubleshoot – Engine Cranks Slower Than Normal
Troubleshoot – Engine Hesitates While Accelerating
Troubleshoot – Engine Idles Poorly Or Misses
Troubleshoot – Engine Idles Too Fast
Troubleshoot – Engine Is Randomly Stalling (ie. Intermittently Stalling)
Troubleshoot – Engine Knocks or Pings During Acceleration
Troubleshoot – Engine Not Cranking
Troubleshoot – Engine Stalling When Stopping Or During Deceleration
Troubleshoot – Excessive Odor From Tailpipe (rotten egg smell)
Troubleshoot – My Car Leaks Fluid But I Don’t Know What Type Of Fluid
Troubleshoot – My Engine Is Losing Coolant
Troubleshoot – Tires Wearing Abnormally
Troubleshooting Driveability Issues
Valve Train and Cylinder Heads

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4 responses to “Auto Repair Engine”

  1. kristen says:

    PLEASE HELP Put a new motor in my 1995 nissan altima and it cranks like it wants to start but does not. I have put a lot of money into this car and I NEED it to run. I checked the grounds and a few other things but still cant figur it out PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!!!

  2. tahir.iqbal says:

    toyota Mark x 250G when i switch On so then not showing battery light on and car is not starting

  3. Eric says:

    I have a 2002 crown vic. New battery, battery cables are good, alternator is good and starter is good, but, this problem is becoming more frequent, I go to start the car, it cranks but won’t catch. I’ll let it sit for about 30 min, it will start. It started out happening about a month apart, then a week apart now it is happening days apart. Any clues? Ideas or suggestions?

  4. Leon says:

    I did an egr delete on my Toyota townace Noah 1998 changed piston rings valve seals also the timing was off that was regulated yet my engine will vibrate heavy and not idle

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