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Electrical Sensor The drivetrain is comprised of the transmission and the various other components which propel your vehicle down the road. With proper maintenance and attention your vehicle drivetrain can remain in good shape for years. Below you will find a collection of articles related to the automotive drivetrain.
Clutch Slips
Common Automotive Leaks
Driveshaft and U-Joints
Manual Transmission Overview
Refilling Vehicle Fluids
Transmission Differential
Transmission and Transaxle – Overview
Troubleshooting Drivability Issues


3 responses to “Auto Repair Drivetrain”

  1. Gilda B says:

    This is my 3rd Mazda..06 Mazda6..2 weeks later..after i bought it..dashboard showed AT-saying about transaxle..
    The vehicle i can reverse and forward..
    I don’t know..I also emailed the Mazda dealer..but i can’t afford their price..just advice..if they emailed me back for adviced..
    Has 117K miles..4 cylinder..I don’t know if electrical is this major..if much do you think i need to pay..its 70-$80/hr here in Texas.
    I owned a Mazda MIllinea 02 after all repaired (beginning Feb.’13) from sparkplugs, oil, replaced radiator new, then the transmission..was messed up fluid everywhere..its a nightmare..and wasn’t running and i brought it to the transmission specialist..fixed it for $569..sealed radiator and radiator and cv joint still too much on my pocket..but after that the valve gasket is bad..but the muffler is fine..accdng to Meineki but the car is not running smoothly..going 3000 rpm..anyway i decided to sale it March 12..totalled $849 repaired until Feb. 22nd for nothing..
    I don’t know what else i am looking for..
    Any ideas..
    Please need your opinion..just bought the vehicle..2 weeks ago…
    Please email me back if you can really appreciated…
    Thank you very much..


    Had 3 cars..
    my daughter , self and my husband..too many..:)

  2. kibrom says:

    how a manual transmission multiple torqu?

  3. Bill Thomas says:

    Hi! How can we properly maintain the drivetrain of our vehicles? Thank you!

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